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LIQUID HAND SOAPS with Herbs & Essential Oils
LIQUID HAND SOAPS with Herbs & Essential Oils

LIQUID HAND SOAPS with Herbs & Essential Oils

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100% Vegan

13.6 oz (384 g)

Herbal Liquid Soaps for General Hand Cleaning

Super gentle, hypoallergenic, non-drying, an easy rinsing Liquid Hand Soaps we produce will satisfy the most sensitive and demanding skin types. It is a long-lasting Soap that leaves the skin squeaky clean, disinfected, soft and aromatic. And it fantastically easy to wash off using little water. Grease or grime on your hands will be effectively dealt with using this Soap as often as you like leaving you with only the softest skin!

Base Oils are heavily packed with nutrients, especially vitamins E and A. Herbs added to these formulations are for their cleansing properties. Essential Oils will satisfy your nose at all times of the day.  

Available now with Eucalyptus & Mandarin (sweet smell) or Fir Needle (piney smell) Essential Oils.

APPLICATION: coat your DRY   palms with a thin layer of Soap. Wet & rub thoroughly on your hands and wrists for at least 35 seconds, then rinse.  INGREDIENTS: SAPONIFIED ALMOND, CASTOR, CORN, OLIVE, RAPESEED & RICE BRAN OILS, EUCALYPTUS, HORSETAIL & NEEM HERBS, CITRIC ACID, EUCALYPTUS & MANDARIN ESSENTIAL OILS OR